66 Times People Put Some Humor Into Classic Art


Memes have revitalized some classical art pieces from back in the day. Please enjoy this massive dump of hilarious captions and beautiful art. We don't know if the artist intended their work to be used as meme fuel, but hey, I'm sure they're just happy about the recognition.


  1. Posted by witch2eyes, — Reply

    “oh but dahling I just love you please stay I want to pour my love over you” YYYUUUUCK lol

  2. Posted by emmahickory, — Reply

    He’s kind of good looking

  3. Posted by mariaelenitheodorou, — Reply

    Bro he's so cute, I-

  4. Posted by Kiri1126, — Reply


  5. Posted by shhfrogsarerising, — Reply

    Me wanting a goth bf.

  6. Posted by asilonac4zel, — Reply

    He reminds me of Reece shearsmith

  7. Posted by craigthegayyy, — Reply

    Tom is cute af

  8. Posted by thebloodoftheweak, — Reply

    I’m Tom

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