Olive Cheese Bread


Olive Cheese Bread combines the brine-y flavors of olives, in a gooey cheese filling on top of crusty bread, for appetizer perfection.


  1. Posted by marieslade56, — Reply

    I made this recipe and turned out fabulously. I used olive salad from Central Grocery in NOLA and mozzarella instead of monterey jack cheese. Making it tonight and adding chopped prosciutto.

  2. Posted by karenbowlden1, — Reply

    Our family has been making this decadent bread for years! I've never had better!

  3. Posted by 40clover, — Reply

    Have made a couple of times for family Xmas.  Everyone loved it!

  4. Posted by dh5558, — Reply

    Made this for Super Bowl party and it was incredible!

  5. Posted by cje1983, — Reply

    I’ve made this a couple of times. Was a hit!!

  6. Posted by bjeanl, — Reply

    I have made it and it is delicious.

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