Buying a Vintage Moroccan Rug — Black & Blooms


One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot recently is “Where did you get that rug?!” I love all the love for my gorge bb, and always feel a lil bad when I have to explain that this beaut is a one-of-a-kind, handwoven, vintage Moroccan Beni Mguild. What a mouthful! I bought her last spring from D+K Renewal, after pining for years for a vintage rug. What people may not realize until they start searching themselves, is vintage rugs are e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. When I finally had enough money saved, I started my search - and it took months for me to finally found The One. The moment I laid eyes on this lil slice of heaven, I knew. I feel like it chose me, in a way! The colors, pattern, size, and price point were all what I had been searching for. It made me smile so hard just by looking at the photos, I had to have it. I think it’s the decor purchase I’m most proud of.


  1. Posted by sharonburnsacmb, — Reply

    Beautiful rug! Love this room!

  2. Posted by richardpedley51, — Reply

    Lovely ambience!

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