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These are perfect for your kitchen storage! Please note the listing is for one decal. 1. Choose your quantity with the dropdown bar 2. Choose the size (width) 3. Choose your color 4. Let me know in the personalization spot which words you would like! ( no more than 8 letters in one word ) and what font. Font 1 or Font 2. *** also please note brown sugar is 2 words so please order accordingly. *** when ordering 2 word deals (example baking soda - baking will be the longer width then soda so if you are ordering 3 inches baking soda - 3 inches will be baking and soda will fit underneath slightly smaller. some examples : organic oil sugar flour olive oil rice pasta cereal beans garlic oregano chocolate baking soda .... come up with your own! Vinyl decals can be applied to any hard surface... sippy cup, essential oil roll on bottle, coffee mug, notebook, car window, coolers, fridges, lunchboxes, planner, yeti tumbler, jars, cups, laptops, tablets, glass, picture frame, and most every other clean hard surface. This is made with high quality permanent vinyl and is waterproof. this type of vinyl is NOT made for your walls. The decal can be removed but is not reusable. Sizes are approximate. This is just a decal does not come with the chalkboard look as seen in the picture. Find us on Facebook @followyourarrowclothing and instagram @nourishwithkatie


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    Aug 17 '20...yes...I read carefully Your orientations....its complex situation to get organising in small place...that is looking fine and is functional...evrything needs to be very well familiar for the daily budget to the investments in improvements ..I can't solve it thanks

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    I live in an apartment and I'm working on my kitchen to make more room. For me this will actually work and know exactly where I would put this. I live in a Senior Complex and the only problem I see is putting up the shelving.

  4. Posted by raquelpina089, — Reply

    I like how this set up looks but my groceries won't fit up in these jars. I get the big sugar bags because I like to bake. Mon-Fri I cook vegetarian dishes so we buy big bags of beans, pasta, and rice. I will go threw those jars like no ones business. Lol not mention my kids drop stuff all the time. I imagine this being functional for a couple that don't cook at home everyday.

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    my family, breaking glass jars since 1984, lol, these are a mere pipe dream

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    Where can I find above jars?

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